With younger generations flocking to high opportunity and high population density cities, townhouses are seeing a rise in popularity due to increased demand for alternatives to the apartment and duplex dwellings. Many developers are considering subdivision of their property and the development of townhouses to increase land value, either for personal or financial gain.

Townhouses have been around for centuries, but more recently there has been a noticeable increase in the demand. This is likely because townhouses offer a more cost-effective, affordable, and sustainable alternative to detached houses.

Making the decision to build a townhouse is a no-brainer. The real challenge begins when you need to choose the design that you want to replicate in your development.

Keep reading to discover five boutique townhouse designs to inspire your next project.

1. Port Melbourne Project

Our Port Melbourne project boasts cutting edge architectural features with sleek internal finishes to match.

Not only does this symmetrical boutique townhouse have street appeal, but this striking development features various large, uniquely shaped windows to maximise on natural light, while also offering residents two spacious balconies to enjoy the outdoors.  

2. Hawthorn East Project

If you’re looking to looking to build a boutique townhouse development that feels like its own free-standing home, this design is for you.

With separate front entrances and a double garage for both residents, the modern design of our Hawthorn East townhouse project is functional, warm and welcoming.

A design like this looks and feels as if you’re living on your own block, with adequate space for both residents.

3. Preston Project

The low-maintenance and modern design of our Preston townhouses is perfect for a wide range of potential residents, including first home buyers, investors, downsizers and growing families.

With a sleek and spacious open-plan design, these townhouses definitely do not compromise on space or style.

4. Brunswick East Project

This iconic townhouse development showcases recycled red and blue clinker bricks, a rooftop terrace and black accents to give this heritage development a modern twist.

Not only are bricks a timeless design choice, but they are also incredibly energy efficient, low-maintenance, and most importantly, stylish. 

If you’re seeking a townhouse with a great deal of character, this is a great source of inspiration to base your development off.

5. St Kilda Project

This boutique townhouse development in St Kilda pairs classic charm with modern elegance by combing two timeless materials, timber and brick.

The strategic design of these townhouses makes the most of a limited block, without sacrificing on living space. Each residence is packed full of open-plan living areas and outdoor spaces, while being at the centre of the vibrant suburb.

Whether you’re searching for your first home or considering downsizing, townhouse living has so much to offer. The flexibility of space and lifestyle provided by a townhouse is unmatched by a house or apartment.


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