How to Profit From a Boutique Townhouse Development

Property development has the potential to generate great returns for investors, but can also go horribly wrong. As one of the highest risk strategies in the property market, any development requires a certain level of expertise and consideration to ensure it is designed and built for financial gain. As Melbourne’s leading luxury boutique townhouse builder, […]

5 Boutique Townhouse Designs to Inspire Your Next Project

With younger generations flocking to high opportunity and high population density cities, townhouses are seeing a rise in popularity due to increased demand for alternatives to the apartment and duplex dwellings. Many developers are considering subdivision of their property and the development of townhouses to increase land value, either for personal or financial gain. Townhouses […]

Port Melbourne by Mavi Built

One of the most exciting boutique developments we’ve had the pleasure of working on recently was a triple townhouse project in Port Melbourne. Each of these impressive modern townhouses features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, spacious living areas and a garage with two car spaces, thanks to the impressive car stackers for each townhouse. This project […]

Why It Pays to Choose a Hands-On Custom Builder for Your Development

Building a boutique development can be an exhilarating experience – one full of floorplan decisions, material selections and deciding on the correct site. Of course, before you can begin making these choices, you must first make the most important decision – which builder will you work with? By working with a hands-on custom builder, you […]

How to Choose the Best Site for a Boutique Townhouse Development

A boutique townhouse development can be a great venture for savvy investors, but only if you choose the right site – the wrong block of land can cause more problems than solutions and reduce the value of your investment almost immediately. So how do you make sure you choose the right site? As Melbourne’s leading […]

Why a Townhouse Development Makes Financial Sense

Walk around any inner-city suburb of Melbourne, and you’ll come across an abundance of townhouse developments.  As the city recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners are prioritising buying or renting homes that feature spacious living features and a backyard. This huge shift in home buyer’s mindset is exactly why a townhouse development may just make […]